University Scholarships


While SOPUDEP School provides accessible education from kindergarten to grade 12, Director Réa Dol often expresses the frustration she feels when her students simply have no means to continue their studies, in hopes of finding better work or a career. In an urban setting, there aren’t many means for self sufficiency. This means that the working class, whether uneducated, or those with some primary and even secondary education are more at risk for unemployment. They may also suffer at the hands of employers that can easily exploit them. Therefor, trade skills training and University can help give these youth a substantial leg up.

The University Scholarship Program is provided through direct sponsorship. If you decide to help put one of these students through their higher learning, they will receive regular updates of that student, including pertinent information on their scholastics from the University Student Committee.

The students have been informed that those who do not make the grade will have to leave the programme. Nonetheless the staff of SOPUDEP, older students and friends of SOPUDEP, will do everything we can to ensure that all the students support each other and maintain good grades. SOPUDEP is also holding regular group meetings to maintain direct contact with all scholarship students.

*As there is a substantial commitment involved in seeing that one of these students can finish their studies, it might be something that an individual, family, group of friends, or a single organization would take on as a project.


In 2012, SOPUDEP’s University Scholarship recipients formed a committee. There function is to keep each other accountable and provide encouragement to see their studies through. One student, Hindy Louisnel, has an incredible passion for SOPUDEP’s work and an appreciation the opportunities they have provided him. He has created a web page dedicated to the scholarship program called SOPUDEP For Life. The video he produced above, chronicles these students want to give back to this grassroots organization and the donors who have given so generously.


Douglas R. Thompson Scholarship Fund

Doug portraitAs an adult, Douglas R. Thompson was a long-term supporter of education for all people. He died unexpectedly at age 63 in 2013. He left a considerable amount of his humble legacy towards charity. In this spirit, surviving family members have established the “Douglas R. Thompson” Scholarship Fund to benefit the youth of Haiti to pursue a university education. The fund will primarily serve SOPUDEP students, but will also be available to some other Haitian youth graduating from other k-12 schools as well. His family’s hope is this fund will become a long-term, self-perpetuating fund of support, replenished each year by donors from across the US and the world.

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