Sopu Fanm pou Fanm

Sopu Fanm pou Fanm  [SFpF] was formed in 2013 by Rea Dol and Sokari Ekine 

Sopu Fanm pou Fanm [SFpF] is a new partner organization formed in January 2013  to empower young girls and women through feminist leadership, advocacy and collective healing.

SFpF is built on the foundation of SOPUDEP grassroots educational organization which was founded in 2002 by Mdm Rea Dol, and more recently the FASA, micro-credit project developed jointly by  Rea Dol and Sokari Ekine

Mission Statement

To mobilise people and resources, for the promotion of women’s human rights, democratic principles, good governance and social justice as well as access  to quality health care & other social services.


  • to mobilize women in the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince for the advancement of women’s rights and democratic principles as well as social justice through capacity building, and advocacy.
  • to provide sexual and reproductive health education and support services for teenage girls and young women [14-25]
  • to provide basic health care through the provision of voluntary led mobile clinics in areas of the city where there are no medical facilities and or residents are unable to pay for clinical services.