Haiti:  International Women’s Day – We build our homes!

Haiti: International Women’s Day – We build our homes!

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Women who make up the sister organizations of Sopu Fanm pou Fanm came together to celebrate International Women’s Day in a very special way.  Women from Le Phare, SOPUDEP, OBMP, Mojub and WOZO decided to forfeit a party and instead bought cement, blocks, sand and zinc to build houses for two of their members [ Claudina from Mojub and Ciliana from Le Phare]  who lost everything in the 2010 earthquake.  It’s taken 5 years but finally with the help of donations from delegation and funds collected by the women, two new homes will be built.  Though still modest they will at least be made of bricks and mortar.

One of the beneficiaries

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One of the beneficiaries


Rea Dol

The old zinc & tarp house

The old zinc & tarp house

Women Activists in the Niger Delta in collaboration with Women in Haiti

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Sopu Fanm pou Fanm and  Kebetkache Women Development & Resource Centre are pleased to announce a partnership between women activists in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and Haiti.  The initiative for a collaboration began following an invitation from Sokari Ekine to Emem Okon to visit Haiti.  During her visit Emem was hosted by Rea Dol in her home and had the opportunity to visit the different projects run by SOPUDEP. Emem also visited members of Fanm Korevi Fanm, women activists in Camp Acra in Delmas 33.

The goal of the partnership is to build solidarity and support for women from both countries. The collaboration will serve as a learning experience for the Haitian and the Niger Delta women from communities impacted by extreme poverty and lack of access to resources and education .

The specific objectives of the project are:

To foster interaction, information sharing and knowledge building between disadvantaged women in Haiti and the Niger Delta.

To promote networking and alliance building between women activists in Nigeria and Haiti .

To promote movement building and feminist solidarity between the grassroots women in the Niger Delta and Haiti.

The activities we plan in the future are as follows:

Exchange Visits to Niger Delta communities.
Women’s Roundtable on Movement building and solidarity across the Niger Delta and Haiti.
Production of T-shirts, fez caps.
Media engagement.
Expected Outcome
Build a synergy of women activism in Haiti and Niger Delta.
Emerging solidarity and women’s movement across Niger Delta and Haiti.
Create an increased awareness of issues facing each other’s communities and consider short and long term solutions towards a more sustainable life.