Often, when funding organizations or interested individuals want to see first hand what SOPUDEP is doing in the community, it is necessary to visit. It’s the live interaction and witnessing of daily life that provides insight that reports and photo’s never can.

Word is spreading of SOPUDEP’s excellent work within the international community and so to is the volume of these visitors coming to see the organization every year. Solidarity Guest House came together after many visitors to Haiti and to SOPUDEP in particular voiced their interest in staying in a family guest house rather than one of the many hotels in Port-au-Prince. Coming to Haiti in solidarity with the movement enables visitors to learn first hand about the struggles and achievements of those in the frontline of grassroots movement in Haiti particularly in the area of women, education and health. The guest house is now open and invites visitors to make reservations well in advance of their stay.

We have two rooms ensuite and two with shared bathroom facilities, all have air-conditioning and fans. There is an additional lounge area and patios plus access to the roof and a large communal dining area. Electricity is provided by the city and supplemented with solar power and a back up generator. We provide breakfast and an evening meal and if required we can provide transport and we have wifi.

Solidarity Guest House is situated in the Pernier neighborhood of Petion-Ville and is a quiet residential area on the outskirts of town.

Prices in US $

Ensuite bedrooms are $70 per night, per person inclusive of breakfast and a full evening dinner.

Shared bathrooms are $60 per night, per person inclusive of breakfast and a full evening dinner.

Transport and tours within Port-au-Prince can be provided at a shared cost of $100 depending on the vehicle. This includes a driver. A guide and translator can also be provided at $60 per day.

For visits out of P-au-P we can arrange a vehicle through one of the many can rentals in the city.

Reservations can be made through our Contact form. We ask for one night deposit to be paid through our Paypal. Please note that all subsequent payments must be cash as we do not have credit card facilities.

We thank you and look forward to receiving you as our guests in our home.

Volunteer Student Summer Program 2014

From July 7 to August 2

In the summer of 2013, SOPUDEP held their first summer camp at the school. The experience was extremely positive and will now be an annual event. Madam Réa Dol sees this as a chance to bring in foreign volunteers to help out with the camp programs. These classes include art, dance, music, drama, and sports. It will be a great opportunity for volunteers who have an interest in seeing Haitian’s in charge of their own country’s progress and witness how this grassroots organization works in their community.

During the volunteers four-week stay, they will also be provided extensive education on Haiti – including history and culture – and be able to explore more of the country with weekly excursions. Student volunteers will stay at Solidarity House, which is Madam Réa’s guest house. This will afford plenty of opportunity to talk one on one with Réa, her staff, and many other knowledgeable people – including other community leaders – who often drop by.

Unfortunately space is limited this year. Hopefully it will be the first of many volunteer type programs to give university or college students a first hand view of a local grassroots organization in action and to give them a better world perspective. It will certainly be a priceless opportunity for those who are able to attend.


  • The VSP will be a self-funded volunteer program to assist SOPUDEP community in various ongoing projects during the summer camp session.
  • The program and volunteers will be overseen by a program manager
  • The program will have three aspects: Work, Study, and Excursions
  • The initial program will run for 4 weeks over the summer camp – 4 weeks work and study, 5 days excursion.


  • Four volunteers will be selected for the summer camp. Preferably, candidates should be able to speak intermediate French, and have some skills in one or more the areas of: Music, Dance, Drama, Sports, and Visual Art.
  • Students will work 5 days a week at the camp – hours usually run from 8am-2pm daily.
  • Students will have the opportunity to discuss any issues or questions they have from the day during evening dinner with the program manager and SOPUDEP staff.


  • Students will spend 90 minutes three-days a week learning about all aspects of Haiti. This is expected to be a participatory learning experience based on classrooms readings and discussion. Students will be expected to keep a diary.


  • Students will be free on Saturday and Sundays. One excursion per week will be organized e.g. museum, beach, Kenscoff, camps, or to meet other community organizations.
  • Students will be provided with accommodation, two meals a day plus a snacks, local travel to work and on excursions. Students will not be allowed to go out without either the program manager or SOPUDEP staff.

Student volunteer expectations.

  • Students will need to raise the funds for the trip payable with a deposit and then in full on arrival.
  • Students will be expected to work to a timetable and keep a daily diary and expected to participate fully daily study groups of 30 – 45 minutes.


  • Transportation to and from PAP airport
  • Local daily transportation to and from SOPUDEP
  • Accommodation, including two meals a day plus snacks
  • Four one-day excursions in PAP
  • Orientation before leaving home and orientation in PAP on arrival.
  • Work, study, excursions


  • $2000US includes all transportation, food and accommodation while in Haiti
  • Flight, Travel Insurance and vaccinations are extra